Tevez is Mancini’s ace in the pack

Carlos Tevez’s decision to lovingly return to Manchester and kiss and make up with old friend Roberto Mancini could prove to be the biggest moment in the side’s recent history.

Could that trophy be the Premier League come may?

After taking a cosy 5-month break from football, Tevez has returned. The Argentinian appeared back earlier this week, tail between his legs apologising for any wrongdoing –  as well as dropping his case against the club for an unfair fine.

Now your guess is as good as mine to as why Tevez has decided to come out and make the most sudden of U-turns – although my suspicions are that it’s massively financial – but it could prove to be the deciding factor in the Premier League title race.

For all his faults, Tevez is quality at football. He may be a massive, overpaid, homesick idiot, but this is the same idiot that fired City to their first trophy in over 30 years, and at the beginning of the season their line-up looked massively under-strengthened without him . He was, at times, a one man team.

Tevez scored 20 league goals last season – joint top scorer in the division – giving the forward 43 goals in just 65 appearances in a sky blue shirt. Not bad at all. Imagine what those figures could have been had he not had that little tizzy with Mancini in Munich?

My point is this: with Manchester City seriously challenging for the Premier League title, welcoming back Tevez is the best thing that could happen to them (barring complete implosion from the red side of the city).

Sergio Aguero aside, I worry that City just don’t have a reliable enough goalscorer to get them over the line. Dzeko all too often looks out of sorts, and while I love Balotelli, his injuries and rash demeanour mean he can’t be trusted to carry the team.

How about Carlos then? The man is a goalscoring machine. When he plays, defenders don’t have a minutes peace – he’s always on the go.

Whether he will be the same player after this recent fall out is another matter, no doubt something that will worry City fans the country over.

And just how will they react to his return full-stop?

What I want to know is – do you agree? Will Tevez galvanize an already impressive looking attacking unit? Or will his presence and tension with the coach light the touch-paper, bringing a great season for the blues crashing down to Earth?

Let me know what you think…

8 thoughts on “Tevez is Mancini’s ace in the pack

  1. Very informative and an enjoyable read! I didn’t really have an opinion before this but if he is as good as you suggest then hopefully he and city can give united a run for there money! I like the video insert a nice touch!

  2. Interesting take on things Johnny. I think Tevez’s return could be divisive in the dressing room as much as it could be crucial on the pitch. The next few months will be very interesting.

  3. Worth mentioning that Tevez scored all those goals last season while they played mostly defensive and didn’t create the chances or play with the free flowing football they have shown this season!

    Good read as per Jingles!

  4. There’s no way Tevez should be allowed to play for City again. Yes, he is a quality player and would have a lot to give the City attack. But surely his return would cause a rift in the dressing room and the players would look badly on him for his five month ‘vacation’ back in Argentina

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